Party Booking Terms & Conditions

It is in your interest to read these terms and conditions. Parties that require disabled access are accommodated in the booths on the ground floor. Please let us know if you need this facility.


General Parties

After school party, Antz party, Deluxe disco party & Cuddly creations party, a non-refundable deposit of £100 is payable at the time of booking, the balance payable on confirmation of numbers, no later than 4 days prior to the party. Final numbers of guests must be confirmed no later than 4 days before the party this is the number that you will be charged for. It is a minimum of 10 children on the day. All children attending must be registered and paid for. Providing they are of the appropriate age for the activity, siblings who are not attending the party may take advantage of the activities provided on payment of the relevant fee. Such children may join the party during the play session but are not included in the party room.

Age and height restrictions are in force for your child’s safety, children are to be no older that 10 years old. Rules of play are displayed around the centre and on the play equipment and activities. Staff at the play centre are not responsible for the supervision of behaviour of the children, this remains the responsibility of the accompanying adults. We recommend 1 adult for each 5 children and adults should familiarise themselves with the rules of play. Socks must be worn at all times and for some activities shoes must be worn.


Thank you for booking your party at Antz in your Pantz

Please take a few moments to read the following information.

Key terms:

  • Party organiser = a responsible adult, 18 or over, provided by you the party booker.
  • Party host = provided by Antz in your Pantz.


You are required to pay for your party in full 4 days prior to the party. Any necessary adjustments for extra guests will be made before party food is served.

Adult platters (up to 10 adults) can be provided, Antz in your Pantz requires a 4-day notice for any adult platters that are requested.

Please bring with you a list of the children attending the party. Hand this in at reception on arrival together with your payment. You will be charged for any extra guests and this must be paid for before the party food is served.

Antz in your Pantz LTD reserve the right to pursue any non-payments.

Your party booking includes the following: One reserved, meeting table chosen by us. Party packages include party invitations, free entry to play area, party food and cordial drinks in a party room. Party packages include a party host to help in the party room and who will cut, wrap and bag any party cake that you have provided. Party hosts will engage into size of portion of cake, however, Antz cannot be held responsible if the portion size is incorrect, should the party booker wish to cut the cake to their specific needs they may do so. Antz in your Pantz will not provide party cake or candles. A party bag for each child will be provided. The distribution of party bags is the responsibility of the accompanying adult/s. Antz in your Pantz reserves the right to allocate parties to whichever party room is deemed appropriate based on the number of children in each party. Children’s party games are only provided for Deluxe disco packages. We reserve the right to determine the games depending on number and ages of children.

Party Food Antz in your Pantz food is cooked on the premises using high quality, fresh ingredients sourced locally. Hot food is served piping hot to conform to food hygiene regulations. The supervision of hot food serving and consumption is the responsibility of the party organiser/parent/guardian. The party host will serve drinks and cold foods. Hot food is buffet style and children may help themselves with the aid of adults. We will be happy to meet any particular food requirements. Only food and drink purchased at Antz in your Pantz may be consumed on the premises.

At your reserved meeting table we will provide jugs of cordial. These will be removed at the end of the party session. Food and further cordial drinks will be served in the party room. The quantity of food provided is based on the number of children at the party, and in line with healthy eating guidelines. Cordial drinks during the meal are unlimited. Adults are welcome to eat any remaining food once the children have finished. Jugs of cordial are for the children only and must not be taken from the party room.

Please advise us in good time of any special dietary requirements and/or food allergies. In the case of severe/life threatening allergies party organisers may provide their own food. Individuals needing special foods may provide their own which can be protected in an individual food box to reduce the risk of cross-contamination.

Do not bring a knife, your party host will cut the cake. Should you have any special instructions regarding the cake cutting or if you are concerned about the cutting of the cake the booker may cut the cake, please make them known to your party host as soon as possible. We cannot be held responsible for any damage to cakes whilst on the premises cutting or complaints re-size/portion of the cake cut.

Relightable candles, party poppers, table confetti and indoor sparklers are not permitted. At the end of your time slot, please remove all personal belongings from your table to enable us to prepare for any further parties.



Antz in your Pantz LTD accept no responsibility for any loss or injury sustained during a party. If any member of your party has an accident or incident, please report this to your party host and reception before leaving. The company reserves the right to alter times, attractions and prices without notification.

Terms and conditions are subject to change. Please check before participating.